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4S 14.8V 20A lithium battery protection overcharge & Discharge


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Model: SYN-6433
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4 series 18650 battery 16.8 V 16 V 14.8 V. above the 3A device, means that the battery Battry discharge is greater than 3c.1c Nominal battery, 2000 mAh is equal to 2a * 1 = 2A Maximum operating current.3x Nominal battery means 2ahx3 = 6a Max Operating current.


  • High-precision voltage detection circuit
  • terminal charger with high voltage device
  • Built-in three-stage overcurrent detection
  • MOS transistor can monitor battery power and discharge
  • Low Standby current consumption.

Bms solder instructions:

  • B + the connected battery is positive
  • B1 connection point between battery 1 and battery 2
  • B2 connection of the point between the battery battery2 and the battery 3
  • B3 connect the point between the battery 3 and the battery 4
  • B-connection to negative battery
  • P- + connection charging / discharging positive
  • P-connection charging / discharging minus


  • Model: SYN-6433

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