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PT8211 Unassembled Audio Kit for Teensy 3.x


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Model: SYN-3919
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PT8211 is a dual channel, 16 bit Digital-to-Analog Converter IC utilizing CMOS technology specially designed for the digital audio applications. The internal conversion architecture is based on an R-2R resister ladder network, an internal circuit is well matched and a 16 bit dynamic range is achieved even in whole supply voltage range. PT8211 also enhanced the performance of timing responsibility in a digital serial bus, in a company with the fast switching R-2R network that makes 8X oversampling audio signal is also supported. PT8211 can be supported by a wide range of sample frequency, it is compatible with TDA1311 by functionally. Its digital input timing format is Least Significant Bit Justified(LSBJ), or so-called Japanese input format. Digital code format is two’s complement and MSB first. PT8211 is available in 8-pin SO or DIP package.


  • Digital Audio Equipment
  • Multimedia Sound Card
  • MPEG Decoder Card


  • CMOS technology.
  • Support 3.3V bus input level
  • Low power consumption.
  • Two audio channel output in the same chip.
  • 16-bit dynamic range.
  • Low total harmonic distortion.
  • No phase shift between both output channel.
  • Available in 8 pins, SO or DIP package.

Pin Configuration:
Signal     Teensy Pin      PT8211 Pin
BCK  9 1 1
DIN 22 3
WS 23 2
+3.3V 3.3V 5

Package Includes: 1 x PT8211 Unassembled Audio Kit for Teensy 3.x

  • Model: SYN-3919

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